October 23, 2023

  Olivia Hayle is one of my 1-Click authors. Instant auto-buy, no regrets. Usually, the “accidentally married in Vegas” trope doesn’t catch me. This time, it did. The Characters Connie: She’s tough and imminently capable — and struggles so much with feeling like nothing she ever does will be enough for her family to see her as that. She wants to be seen, wants to be trusted — and can’t trust the men in her family with her problems, because then they’ll never trust her to take care of herself. It’s a sticky situation to be in, and I feel…

June 20, 2023

This fake relationship is comedy gold. Seriously. It’s laugh out loud funny — both leads have unique, snarky, absolutely killer funny voices. I wish I could write funny like that. Heat Level I wouldn’t exactly call this “high heat”, more middle heat with a little steam, but despite the length of 478 pages, and the first sex scene at around 60%, I didn’t miss it (which is rare for me, even rarer than a book having too much sex for me). The focus of the story was on the slow, emotional development,  the growing closeness, the bonding through spitefulness, and…

June 9, 2023

Start with a Bang I love that the action starts right away, that you never have to wait long in a Finley Fenn book for the heroine to meet her orc. And how perfectly incongruous it is to have an orc offer a handkerchief! Fenn is so good at crafting heroines who yearn to be wanted, who carry such fierce longing, too big for the men in their life. They need an orc to fill the gaping wound of their need. And here Kitty meets an orc at a pub, with a wound just like hers, both with an orc-sized…

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Best Enemies Forever by Olivia Hayle

Best Enemies Forever by Olivia Hayle


  Olivia Hayle is one of my 1-Click authors. Instant auto-buy, no regrets. Usually, the "accidentally married in Vegas" trope doesn't catch me. T

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To Have and to Hoax by Martha Waters

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The Fall of the Orc by Finley Fenn


  The story I’ve been waiting for… First of all, that cover is gorgeous. Absolutely swoonworthy. And I've been so looking forward to this story,

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