Talk dirty: 3 things to know about phone sex

April 29, 2016 About Smut, ebooks, Writing Comments (0) 1483

There’s more to phone sex than just dirty talk. Here are some things I learned when researching for my new erotic short story about oral bliss and the art of dirty talk.

Some of my biggest turn-ons are of the intellectual variety. That’s why narrated fantasies play such a big role in my stories. Reading naughty books to each other, or revealing secret fantasies – that’s the oral sex I lust for. There’s something incredibly intimate in baring your soul, your desires, and fantasies to someone else. And there can be a heady component of shame and embarrassment in it, the secret sauce to my favorite dish. With this oral fixation, it’s no surprise that I would find a story in my draft-drawer (hah) centering on phone sex. Continue Reading

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