Rainfall & Rope. A Masters of the Manor Bonus Novella

Cover of Rainfall and Rope. A Masters of the Manor Bonus Novella

Jess Turpino has a successful career, mermaid-blue hair, and a hopeless crush on local artist and associate professor, Atlas Vaughn. While he teaches the fundamentals of life drawing, she poses — and pines.

Atlas is infatuated with his life model and secret muse but as her employer, and senior by over a decade, he can’t allow his crush to grow into more.

When he’s commissioned to create a new sculpture for The Manor, he can’t resist the excuse to get Turpino tangled up in his ropes, at least once. And maybe it will finally be enough to get the hopeless infatuation out of his system. Because he’s definitely the wrong man for her, no matter how perfect she is for him.

This 18K Bonus Novella contains themes of D/s, shibari, wax play, spanking, exhibitionism and predicament bondage.

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Rope and Rainfall Promo Picture

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