The Big Book of Submission Volume 2

The Big Book of Submission Volume 2: 69 Kinky Tales, edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel

Whether you are simply curious about submission or regularly revel in the delights of BDSM, these sixty-nine erotic short stories about submissives will turn you on! From participating in a musical recital that takes a very kinky turn to making a grocery run while using sex toys to indulging in a risqué office encounter during working hours, these subs delight in obeying (or deliberately disobeying) their masters and mistresses in public and in private. They are rewarded and punished in the most wicked of ways that will leave you breathless. Edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel, with stories by Selena Kitt, Jade A. Waters, Dorothy Freed, and Sommer Marsden among other talented writers, The Big Book of Submission, Volume 2 offers arousing tales that delve deep into the thrills of spanking, bondage, power dynamics, service, exhibitionism, erotic adventure, and much more.


Edited by erotica maven Bussel, this title delivers a stunning array of authors, characters, play partnerships, and power dynamics. In the blisteringly hot “Words” by Jo Henny Wolf, submissive wordsmith Aubrey writes the filthiest letter to her husband that she can imagine. Noted erotica author Malin James pens a stone-cold boss warming up to her dedicated employee in “The Assistant,” while Master musician Tasha knows just how to make her shy female sub “Sing” in J.C. Parker’s contribution. Particularly refreshing are the diverse representations of D/s—power play here takes many forms, and submission is embraced by characters of varying gender identities. Conventional relationships blend seamlessly with less traditional ones, such as Leandra Vane’s “Switching Struggles,” in which kinky switch Charlotte is treated to a multiman struggle fantasy, with a delightful twist. In Suzanne Fox’s “A Testing Time,” thrill-seeker Cerys reaches her limits and calls off a scene with a fairly new play partner—a rare breath of realism and “imperfection” in the genre. Perhaps even more uncommon is a discussion of embracing kink as new parents, a tricky compromise that Mike and Susie achieve in Charlie Powell’s highlight, “Mum.” VERDICT A standout contribution to the ever-increasing subgenre of BDSM erotic fiction. Highly recommended.  — Library Journal


“Prolific editor Bussel (Best Women’s Erotica of the Year, Vol. 3) fans out an inclusive array of sexual submissions in 69 succinct stories featuring people of diverse racial backgrounds and genders in various pairings and groupings, with the welcome addition of a few older characters as well. Zodian Gray’s tender “Goombay Lover” features a Bahamian narrator and prose reminiscent of 1930s noir. In Angela R. Sargenti’s “The Old-Fashioned Way,” a female dominant helps an unhappy wife turn the tables on her duplicitous husband, who’s desperate for punishment. “Roped In” by Adrea Kore introduces a sweetly naive narrator to the “seductive slither” of shibari rope bondage. A dreamlike seagoing fantasy in Dr. J.’s “Lashed” explores the deep artistic intimacy of being bound. Anna Sky’s standout “Imago” lyrically explores tattooing, and Giselle Renarde’s “We Are Magic” stuns with fresh, unexpected twists. Readers will be very satisfied by this erotic buffet.” — Publishers Weekly


“An excellent collection of sexy bite-sized stories of submission. There’s something here for everyone.” — Tamsen Parker, USA Today bestselling author of The Compass series



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