Steamy Nights Book Giveaway

December 1, 2021 Uncategorized Comments (0) 408

It’s December, or as we call it in my family, the Christmas Month. It’s freezing cold, gets dark at 4 PM (or thereabout), and we’re strapped for cash, because – it’s the Christmas Month and I love giving gifts to the people I love. But what I love even more is huddling up with a blanket, hot tea and a book to crank up those warm thinky thoughts. I never spend as much money on books as in December. It’s probably something every reader can relate to. Why do all the good books have to come out in winter?

This December, I’ve teamed up with a bunch of cool authors on BookFunnel to bring you free reads for steamy nights to load up your kindle. Head over and find your next cozy, steamy read to warm you up (but don’t forget to wrap your feet with a blanket). I know I will grab some free books while it lasts, because social distancing is best when you have something fun to read ;). And you might find your next favorite author.

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