(K)inktober #9

October 18, 2017 Art Comments (0) 1435


The Dream.

I’m having a busy week (why does the socializing always have to come all at once?), so not a lot of time to draw. And I still need to finish a story. But damn my brain, there’s already another drawing taking up space in there.

This one belongs to A Choker of Lace. I haven’t published it yet (although I’m finally getting close), but you can read the first 3 chapters of the prequel Initiation here on my blog (and I’m working hard on Chapter 4. I hope it won’t take another year to complete).

Read on for a raw, not yet published snippet!


Excerpt A Choker of Lace


She looked at herself in the rear-view mirror, wondering if she somehow looked different. Pulling her blouse aside, she revealed the marks he’d left on her skin last night, dark bruises scattered over her cleavage. The sight made her breath hitch and her nipples ache. As she pressed her fingertips against some of the bruises, her core answered with a wave of heat. Somehow, she was glad to return to his house. Excited, even.

You’re so needy, June.

She remembered the morning, when she’d knelt with her knees spread wide and her chest arched up. Remembered how he’d stepped in front of her, and wondered if he would ever make her bend down to kiss his shoes. If he would ask her to lick them. She didn’t dare to examine this image closer, but when she imagined herself bowing before him, lowering herself this thoroughly, she swallowed a moan. Closing her eyes, she pulled her skirt up to slip a hand between her legs and into her panties. Her folds were already silken with wetness as she rubbed along her clit, just for a moment. Just to soothe the ache. Yet her touch only increased the simmering heat, and the need, and she added a second finger to pinch and rub her clit. Spreading her knees, she braced her feet against the floor of the car, biting her lips to swallow every sound.

Her pleasure was mounting fast, hard, and she glanced at her purse with the phone in it on the passenger seat. She wouldn’t make it inside like this, and maybe he would make her wait. Her thighs started trembling violently, and she grabbed the steering wheel with her free hand, pressing her back against the seat. She could call him. He’d saved his cell number in her contacts… But a new wave of pleasure drowned every thought of calling him, and maybe he would never find out. Or maybe he would… It was this thought that made her come apart, made her come fast and hard, with a groan, unable to breathe. June folded over and let her forehead sink against the steering wheel, and for a few minutes, she just sat there and panted, unable to even pull her hand out of her panties.


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