(K)inktober #7

October 13, 2017 Art, ebooks Comments (0) 1530

I asked myself why I’m drawing porn when the Internet is full of it. I’ll never manage to get anywhere near the incredible works of Apollonia Saintclair or Yannick Corboz, to name only two of my art crushes. In fact, I’ll never even reach my own aspirations, the dream image in my head, so why bother? The answer? Because it’s fun, and why the hell not. I’m fascinated by the connection between two (or more) people, by its manifestation in gestures and looks, and one day, I’ll maybe manage to capture it. (Also, practice. I still dream of my illustrated twisted fairytales, and as long as I can’t afford to hire someone who actually CAN draw, I’m still planning to do it myself… someday).

And boy do I have fun drawing porn. So much that today’s (K)inktober drawing has to go under a Read More. It’s a scene from my latest story, Mistress Marlene. You can read a snippet of the scene going with the illustration below the cut – in case you want (need?) some context.



I’m especially proud of that knee.

Excerpt from Mistress Marlene

Hanna gazed up at him in awe as he opened his pants and freed his rock-hard cock. Their eyes locked as she opened her mouth and took him in, their gaze a connection as physical as her lips around the hot tip of him.

“Make it good,” he rasped, a command so foreign on his lips that it sent a shockwave of lust through her. He was her husband, and yet as dominant and commanding as a stranger from a dream. He was everything.

Hanna wetted his shaft, swirling her tongue around him, sucking him in deeper and deeper, groaning around his hardness as she clenched her pelvic floor and convulsed around the plug in her ass. Her thighs were slick, coated with the juices of her cunt, and with each new thrust deeper into her throat, more drool gathered in her mouth. He didn’t allow her to pull back.

Christoph claimed her, claimed her mouth, in a way that turned her weak inside, liquefied her. If someone walked in and caught them, they could be thrown out and banned from the café, but the thrill of that possibility only added to the deep, gurgling current of her arousal.

His strong fingers raked through her hair, fixing her in place, and she had no choice but to loosen her jaw and take his thrusting. His cock slipped into her throat and he held her there for a moment, despite her gagging, held her there even as her eyes watered, even as the door opened and someone else came in, stopping in his tracks when he saw them.

They were caught. The realization surged through her and took her breath away, yet Christoph didn’t stop. He kept fucking her throat, sparing only a short glance over his shoulder at the intruder.

“She had to have it, and who am I to say no?” Christoph laughed. Hanna could only glare at him with her mouth full of cock, choking on his length.


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